For the participants of the event we have prepared SEAMLESS BUFFS/ MULTIFUNCTIONAL SHADES which are essential for fans of cycling, Nordic walking, walks and other outdoor activities during the spring, summer and fall.
The buffs are two-colored – ON BLUE BACKGROUND WHITE BICYCLES – which gives the possibility to match different outfits. In 2 PLACES they have a very visible LOGO OF XIV UECT European Cyclotourism Week.
They are a great protection against the wind and the sun. They work very well as NECK PROTECTION, HAIRBAND, HATS, UNDER THE HELMET WHEN IT’S COLD.
The buffs are made of HIGHLY FLEXIBLE, BREATHABLE MATERIAL consisting of 100% polyester.
In order to become the owner of such a buff, it is enough to PAY EURO 15.00 TO THE ACCOUNT UP TO MAY 30TH 2018 mBank: 38 1140 2004 0000 3612 0656 5313
Please notice at the bank transfer your name. The buff you can pick-up on the 7-th of July at the event reception desk.